To be the market leader in insulation systems engineering and continuously strive to provide our global customers nothing but the best and nothing but the latest in micaceous insulation for their specific application at the most affordable prices by continuously upgrading our manufacturing systems and processes to keep up with the advancement in technology the world-over.


  1. Quality – Nothing attracts customers more than quality – do it. Customers are loyal to quality and not to the company.
  2. Customers – They are the purpose of our existence, place them above all. For the customers, by the customers and to the customers.
  3. Price – Always strive to become more and more price competitive by adding value to the product and supply chain and increasing productivity.
  4. Costs – Strive to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes to compete globally
  5. Delivery – Be on time!
  6. Employees – Good employees are an asset and not-so-good employees are a cost. Invest in good people.
  7. Innovation – Keep innovating and offer your customers nothing but the best and nothing but the latest!
  8. Ethics – Do not compromise on you business ethics and corporate social responsibility even it hits your bottom line i.e. profitability.



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