As they rightly say, customers are loyal to quality and not the company.

Quality management system at our company has always been one of our key strength areas and our simple values of promoting a culture of TQM and other critical quality management principals across all verticals of our organization reflect in the consistent quality of our wide range of products. It is this simple yet critical philosophy which has made our company stand the test of time and proved to be the only mantra which has won us accolades and appreciation of our various customers all across the globe continuously and continually for more than three decades now.

RD is today an ISO 9001:2008 certified company having implemented a strong culture of quality not only across its production facilities but across its various other business functions which do add tremendous value to our entire supply chain.

All our incoming raw materials are tested and inspected by our QC department prior to issuing to the shop floor for production.

Process control is carried out at every step of our production activity by means of adequate controls and systems deployed at the right places to ensure that if an error has occurred at one particular stage of production the material is not passed on to the next stage which ultimately means that by the time the final product comes out of the process it is perfect from all perspectives thereby eliminating the need for final inspection!
However we still do final inspection of all our outgoing finished goods which is tested and inspected as per relevant specifications – whether customer specification, IS, BS, JIS, IEC, NEMA etc and duly stamped and sealed by our QA head before dispatch from our works.

RD has one of the finest in-house testing laboratories and a well trained QC and QA team for carrying out testing and inspection of all raw materials and finished goods as per IS, IEC, JIS, NEMA, BS, customer specifications etc. which ensures that we only use quality raw materials and dispatch finished goods that meet the quality requirements of our customers.

RD is now in the process of implementing Six Sigma across its production facilities with the ultimate objective of offering more to our customers for less in this highly competitive business environment thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness of its operations and customer offerings.



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