Ratan Dielectrics, an erstwhile strategic business unit of Ratan Mica Exports Pvt Ltd - a 50 year old company, is one of the leading and well established manufacturers, approved suppliers, importers and exporters of mica splittings and mica paper based insulating materials since 1978 having established its credentials in the electro-technical and insulation industry by being in it for more than 30 years now.

RD is one of the oldest approved suppliers of Indian Railways besides supplying to some of the other well known and large OEMs, HT and DC motor manufacturers, steel plants etc since three decades now. Besides the company's discerning interest in micaceous insulation RD has its traditional division which deals in the manufacture and export of various types of natural mica and fabricated mica to select countries of the world.

Over an era spanning three decades, the company has moved from strength to greater strength, adding new and more advanced products each year to meet the ever increasing requirements of the electro-technical and insulation industry - both in India as well as overseas.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is located in the heart of mica producing area of India and is just about 100 Kms from Koderma District in Jharkhand which according to the British Geological Survey has the largest deposits of the mica in the world. By virtue of our inherent natural advantage of being in the vicinity one of the largest mica deposits of the world, we have no doubt access to some of the best quality mica at the cheapest of prices even in these current times when mica mining and supply is adversely affected by prevailing local political and economical conditions in the region. Our excellent sourcing of the best quality mica directly from the mines does give us a competitive advantage which reflects in the quality of our final products and our extremely sharp prices which none can beat.

RD has two divisions broadly - one is which deals in manufacture and export of natural mica and fabricated mica and the other, which is our flagship division, deals in the manufacture of quality mica splittings and mica paper based insulating materials.

RD has a state-of-the-art plant with latest machineries and equipments for carrying out world-class production of high quality micaceous insulation with a well equipped modern laboratory for carrying out all testing and inspection in-house as per our varying customer requirements. As part of our long standing commitment to developing a culture of Total Quality Management in our organization, we now carry out all tests as per various national and international standards such as IEC, BS, NEMA, JIS, IS etc in house.



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