The term fabrication applies to operations such as cutting, stamping and punching of natural mica sheet to a specified size, shape, thickness and design with close dimensional tolerances for various electrical and electronic applications.

RD has one of the finest and most precision dies and tools, made by expert technicians and craftsman, for making good quality fabricated mica parts and is in a sound position to offer to our valued customers the following products :

  1. Gauge Glass Mica (Cut-to-Size in Strip Form or Disc Form)
  2. Cut Condenser Films for Mica Capacitors
  3. Backing Mica for Mica Capacitors
  4. Mica Washers and Discs for Transistors, Diodes, Trimmers - punched from smallest to 9 inch OD both in random and calibrated thickness. The sharpness of the dies is well maintained to give punched parts a clean cut edge.
  5. Mica Windows for Stove Lamps
  6. Mica Plates for Heating Elements
  7. Mica Washers
  8. Mica Fabricated to other sizes and thicknesses as per requirement

Natural Mica Washers
Natural mica washers are punched and stamped mica parts in the shape of a circle with round openings in the centre ideal for use in various temperature ranges of select electrical and electronic appliances. RD offers natural mica washers duly punched, stamped and machined as per the varying requirements of our customers across the globe.

RD also offers natural mica washers bonded into considerable lengths with binders such as shellac, epoxy, silicone etc to form a solid roll popularly known as Bonded Mica Washers.

Mica Washers for Transistors, Diodes, Trimmers etc
Mica washers of good quality, due to inherent natural dielectric properties of mica, find their wide and critical use in electrical and electronic products such as in power transistors, diodes and trimmers etc which require good insulation to prevent excessive heat from reducing their performance. RDs range of mica washers are punched from smallest to 9 inch OD both in random and calibrated thickness. The sharpness of the dies is well maintained to give punched parts a clean cut edge.

Mica Windows for Stove Lamps
Muscovite mica of super fine and thin quality having very accurate and smooth surfaces which are transparent and scratch free find their wide use in micro-processor controlled equipments as thin mica window for detection and measuring of sophisticated ionizing radiations. Such applications call for very thin mica having an aerial density thickness of 1.5-2 mg/cm square because the efficiency of equipments such as Geiser counter is directly proportionate to the thinness of mica used.

Muscovite mica crystals have alternating layers of alumina silicate and potassium ions. The one atom thick layer of potassium ions are very easy to split apart into thinnest film while the alumina silicate layers are tightly bonded together. As result extremely thin sheets of muscovite mica can easily be separated and yet retain their toughness and flexibility. Besides this, muscovite mica due to their excellent dielectric strength, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties can withstand rigorous shock and vibration testing.

Moreover muscovite mica being a natural inorganic mineral can absorb ionizing radiation effects without having an abrasive effect on the machinery. Therefore muscovite mica is the obvious choice for use in critical GM Tubes which are supposed to exhibit superior performance, reliability and long-term stability in different working conditions and environments ranging from simple laboratory uses to tuff industrial and military uses.

Mica Plates for Heating Elements
RD offers quality mica plates, made of either natural mica or mica paper, which are ideal as base, support and covering plates of heating elements and find their wide use in various domestic appliances such as toasters, roasters, kettles, flat irons, hair dryers, popcorn makers, ovens, griddles, stoves and many such electrical appliances besides being also used for industrial applications.

High resistance Nickel-Chrome or Ferro-Chrome wire is wound around the mica plate and is available in different dimensions, patterns and designs in different voltage and wattage as per the specific and varying customer requirements.

Backing Mica for Mica Capacitors
RD offers the finest backing mica which are small cut sheets of natural mica appropriately used as backing plate on both top and bottom of mica capacitors to give mechanical strength and inflexibility.

Cut Condenser Films for Mica Capacitors
RD offers high quality cut mica condenser films having thickness generally less than 2 mil and is mostly used in the manufacture of silver mica plates used in mica capacitors.

Gauge Glass Mica - Cut-to-Size in Strip Form or Disc Form
RD offers high quality gauge glass mica accurately cut to size in either strip or disc form provides for an excellent optical medium for checking the measurements in boilers for liquid level and pressure of steam.

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